Case Analysis: The First Scottsboro Trial

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Wrongfully Convicted
Prior to the 1960’s the treatment of the blacks was well known. In a real case and a fictional case we see acts of injustice just because the men were African Americans. In the Scottsboro case 9 men were wrongfully convicted of raping Victoria Price and Ruby Bates.(Linder“The Trials of The Scottsboro Boys”). Alot was known of what actually happened and the “evidence” that was given was the girls testimonies. Bates confessed to not being raped by any of the boys but it was ignored and the boys were still convicted.(Linder ,“The First Scottsboro Trials”)
Victoria being a real person has many similar characteristics to fictional character Mayella Ewell from To Kill a Mockingbird. Considering the obvious fact that they both made false accusations against innocent people they also have a secret desire for black men. Price’s hatred was equal to her curiosity of black men. Linder writes,“She would have sex frequently in “box cars and fields” and she would ask “ negro men about the size of their private parts”(Linder “ The First Scottsboro Trials”).This quote shows that Price does have a curiosity of black men.Even though she is spiteful towards them she still has a desire for them due to her prostitution reputation. Mayella never kissed a man and saw this as an opportunity. Lee writes ,“She reached up an’ kissed me ‘side of th’ face…She says ‘kiss me back ,nigger” (Lee 260). This quote is saying Mayella was this desperate for her first sexual encounter with a man. She is always alone or with younger kids. She knows because of her family’s reputation she won’t find a good man for herself, so
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All of this is proof that Harper Lee might have drawn inspiration from The Scottsboro Case into her own fictional Tom Robinson Case. The information from the girls directly saying it and their testimonies and be connected to Mayella and it shows in the