Essay about Case Analysis of Hallington Utility Services Company

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Case Analysis of Hallington Utility Services Company
The role of human resource development and management
Traditional human resource management is seen as a simple department to recruit people and to deal with salary and insurance issues. Some organizations even let it manage administrative issues. Today, human resource development and management functions more than those. There are several critical functions of it.
First, it should serve employees. HRDM needs to establish and maintain harmonious relations between employees. It needs to design mechanism to protect employees’ benefits and maintain their legal rights. Also, it needs to help employees manage their career plan by providing guidance. Second, HRDM needs to be responsible for
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Norm is a young and passionate employee, as it can be seen through his age and talks. For the bright side, he does care about the development of the organization. However, his opinion is too subjective. He says the organization’s recruitment and training are too unsatisfactory.
Janet is initiative. She is busy doing her training plan for employees’ communication. Also, she is preparing to improve employees’ teamwork.
Apparently, their reactions (Hallington Utilities Services) show that employees are not adequately developed for the new HUS. Plus, the training and development at HUS seems really not satisfying currently.
HUS’s motivating employees
Colin Moore works in the mailroom. He feels being abandoned by the rewarding system. This understandable since the compensation would barely consider his name.
Bob Brown, he is working as the compensation guy of the organization. However, his attitude is like compensation is nothing to do with him. This is a real problem. Moreover, this guy also feels “too busy” to accomplish his own work. (Hallington Utilities Services)
There are at least two problems of the organization’s motivating system. One is that the system is not considering all employees’ rights to get compensations. The other is that the person who is assigned to deal with compensation is not doing or not good at doing what he should do. The increased unionization at HUS
Lance Durban cares about employees. Through data