Case Analysis on Apple Inc Essay

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1.0 Introduction
Apple was founded in 1976. It is a relatively young company; a company with its own unique philosophy as to the way things ought to be. Apple exerts significant creative influence on the technology industry. Today, the company has three major products: Mac computers, iPod music players, and the iPhone. In addition to these offerings, the company also offers operating systems, developer tools, and database software.

Apple’s recent success in the marketplace is founded on a philosophy that derives its insight at the intersection of technology and consumer values. Apple’s unique, defiant, and sophisticated philosophy is all about revolutionizing life’s experiences; convergence of digital consumer electronics and the
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Another essential strength of Apple is having strong brand image which took them long time to develop brand recognition and loyalty from the customers through promoting quality products/services that help to attract loyal and enthusiastic customers to support Apple’s brand.

Using its brand name benefit, Apple differentiates its products from others by offering convenient, fashion and distinctive style which in turn driven the sales and reputation. This process of creating product differentiation can call for a premium pricing for its products while giving customer satisfaction of value.

3.2 Weaknesses
Due to Apple devoted so much to R&D, they spent much money in this area instead of some other aspect of the infrastructure. While their competitors are cutting cost, Apple could have spending more than them, as a result Apple is outlaying more of their profits and makes Apple difficult to compete, and therefore higher costs could be their major weakness.

Though Apple has brought out unique products that made popular in the market, Apple is still behinds some of their competitors due to low compatibility with products and its pricing strategy, they suffer lower market share in computer market, which in turn leads to lower turnover.

3.3 Opportunities
One important opportunity for Apple is to