Case Analysis on Are They Ready to Put Avocado on Their Face? Essays

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I. Point of View The point of view of Mr. Ricky Bautista, president of Vive Chem Philippines (VCP), and Mr. Willy Tan, King Matches Corporation’s product manager, were considered since they can best tackle the problem, suggest and analyze proposals, decide, implement and follow-up the resolution that was chosen.

II. Market Situation Analysis 1. Opportunities - threats analysis. A. Opportunities: • There a high market potential on herbal-based astringent. ▪ Since all the current brands in the market were chemical-based, the concept of herbal-based astringent is an innovation.

• Astringent users have the tendency to switch brand. ▪ Astringent users were looking for brand that will
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It also helped the consumer to decide which astringent to choose, because it would not compromise the quality and its effectiveness. Since it was in the introductory stage, it was position in quadrant II.

6. Current Marketing Mix or Marketing Strategies a. Current product strategies Given that Provive is not yet introduce, most products currently in the market were primarily chemical based such as eskinol, ponds, splash, and tawas. Provive, which claimed an attribute of “relaxes stressed skin”, had six herbs as main ingredients and was conceptualized as a “natural” product. A bottle container with different sizes will be the packaging. The cap of the bottles is flip-top since all existing brands in the market used a screw caps. This kind of strategy made the product more attractive to customers and will give a new impression about astringent.

III. The Case Problem What courses of action should Mr. Bautista and Mr. Tan implement in order to successfully penetrate the market for astringent?

IV. Case Objective The objective of analyzing this case is to design strategic actions to communicate the product to the current and potential consumer, and to establish their profitable position in the market.

V. Alternative