Essay on Case Assignment 1

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Case Assignment 1

Build the management-research question hierarchy, through the investigative questions stage. Then compare your list with the measurement questions asked.
To Build the management-research question hierarchy we will first start with the management dilemma. In this situation I see the management dilemma being, the need to attract more membership to support the new renovated facility and to account for the growing age of their current membership. Apparently AT&T purchased NCR Corporation and provided them a 4 million dollar loan to complete their renovations. Their immediate goal is to bring golf memberships to 680 and to increase social memberships as much as possible. The management question
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What was interesting is that with interviewees 65 and over, nothing was really important. This tells me that the over 65 membership base is content and doesn’t desire change but to recruit new and younger members, which is the goal, they must make changes.

Given the research question, how appropriate were the measurement questions? 

Based on the results I would focus the resources on improving the golf course and the bar/lounge. Being that these two items were the most desired also indicates that members ultimately want a great golf course and not so much an all inclusive resort with swimming pools, fitness centers, etc. With this understanding, in addition to increasing the size of the golf course and improving the bar I would research other ways to improve the golfing, and social experience. Some ideas could be better landscapes on the course such as waterfalls and lakes. They could also expound upon the bar/lounge by offering social games such as shuffle board or bridge. These ideas would need to be researched further, but the intent now is to focus future surveys on ways to increase the golfing experience as opposed to additional facilities.
The measurement question were appropriate, however I don’t think they lead to the final answer. I think they have narrowed down the focus and now, as I said, they must focus on golfing and social environment. The management questions must now change, to how can we improve the golfing experience and the hierarchy