Case Assignment MOD 2 Essay

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Process and Location Strategy
David J. Schoonmaker
8 December 2013
Case Assignment (MOD2)

The flowchart (Figure 1) could be improved to provide for missing mechanisms such as processes to be followed when caesarean or commonly known as C-section births occur and still births. There is an unfinished characteristic in the flowchart because such areas are not addressed. Even though the chart helps fast tracking, there is a need to incorporate the departments or individual responsible within the whole process and would help to improve the clarity in the flow of the chart.

The flowchart would include another step in the flow if a mother is scheduled for a C-section birth in order to provide steps to follow when normal births do not work. A C-section delivery separates care for the mother a baby once the delivery takes place as seen in Figure 2. Once the mother and baby are stable they would be transferred to be discharged. Other changes that would occur on the chart if the all mothers were pre-registered would include the elimination of time between the beginning steps because it would not be necessary as seen in Figure 3.

The flowchart seems to identify the flow of service delivery in the maternal context and perhaps the same should be improved in the emergency section. In the emergency section the hospital may also make use of the same concept by ensuring it creates a flow chart that defines the reception of patients into the hospital in the