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Gardenburger Advertising strategy case brief

After careful reading the Gardenburger case information and the data provided in the appendix, I am submitting the following recommendations regarding the operation: I recommend Gardenburger develop an IMC strategy based on targeting health modifiers and the company growth strategy, furthermore may bring Gardenburger into mainstream and gaining benefiting in financial.
The IMC strategy is developed in order to bring Gardenburger into the mainstream consumer market, to become the producer of great tasting, high value and convenient meat replacement alternatives and to make the brand premier name in the category
There are two parts of my recommendation on developing the IMC marketing strategy. First, shift the targeted consumer from “cultural creative” to “health modifier”. Finally, stay with the growth strategy of the company.
Basis for Recommendation
Health modifier. The research indicated that this group of consumers has become the most mainstream people on looking for healthier diet. The research indicated 67.6 -96.5 million population strived for a balanced eating plan or eat 2 to 3 meatless meals per week. In generally, they are women aged 25-54. They wanted all the health benefits of meat alternatives, but did not want to sacrifice the taste, convenience, or price. And perfectly Gardenburger differentiates itself from competitors with these factors. It will perfectly match with the IMC strategy when promoting their product into mainstream consumers. By targeting on the health modifier, Gardenburger would not only have the sales control on the mainstream consumers, but also they may bring in more sales since they are usually the ones who buying food and preparing meals for the family members.
Stay with the growth strategy. In order to increase awareness product must have widespread availability, since the