What Are The Primary Sources Of Law

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Society, Business and the Law

Introduction Laws are created to regulate behaviors of people in society so that it can run effectively. They ensure fairness and consistency to all. Laws also play an important part in business. Laws help business operations run smoothly and efficiently.

Primary Sources of Law There are different types of laws known as primary sources of law. The first one is Constitutional law. It is the foundation for all other law in the United States and is the supreme law of the land (Melvin, 8, 2011). It provides the structure for both federal and state governments. It also permits powers to the different branches of the government. Last, it provides protection for citizens when the government wrongs them. The next source of the law is statutory law. Statutory law is produced by legislative body and signed (or not signed) by the executive branch. This happens at both federal and state levels. The next source of law is common law. Common Law is a law that is made by courts (Melvin, 10, 2011). It is a law that reflects from previous similar cases and one that has not been passed as an actual law. Administrative law allows independent and executive branch agencies authority. For example the United States Environmental Protection Agency is allowed to set regulations based on Congress’s Clean Air Act (Melvin, 10, 2011).

Society and Law In order for society to run efficiently, laws are made for the safety of citizens and to deter wrongdoing. Laws define crime and set punishment for those who violate them. Laws are also made to ensure that citizens are treated fairly. Laws are made to have consistency in society. Federal laws are made for the entire nation to follow. State laws differ from each state. For example, the law to wear a seat belt is set in New York. However, in New Hampshire there is not a seat belt law. Some states allow citizens to have guns while in other states there may be high restrictions or citizens are unable to have them.

Business and Law In order for businesses to operate smoothly, laws are set in place. It is important for business owners to understand the laws set in place to ensure violations do not occur. Whether a business is just starting or an existing one wants to expand, there are laws and regulations set that must be followed. There are many rules and regulations in the business aspect. Laws are made to ensure equal opportunity to all. Others are made to ensure businesses are operating with integrity. Some are made to ensure businesses are not harming the environment. It is important for businesses to have legal knowledge as well as council to assist them with their legal needs. "

Case Study In the case of Cipollone v. Liggett Group, Cipollone sued Liggett claiming that Liggett were liable for his mother’s death (Melvin, 33, 2011). He claimed they falsely advertised. He also claimed they fraudulently misrepresented the hazards of smoking as well as neglecting to inform the public of the medical risks and scientific information about the hazards of smoking. Liggett claimed they were protected by the Federal Cigarette Labeling and Advertising Act of 1965 and the Public Health Cigarette Smoking Act of 1969. The court