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Class Name: BCIS-1405
Instructor Information
Name: Larry Douglas
Phone: (817) 515-6782
Office: 2209 NTAB (NE Campus)

Course Outcomes 1. Become familiar with commonly used computer industry terminology 2. Learn about computer concepts including the system unit, input/output devices and storage, system software, the internet and the World Wide Web. 3. Review basic features of the Windows 7 interface including file management 4. Develop basic computer software skills by creating documents and presentations in the popular Microsoft Office Professional suite. Software packages to be used include Word 2010 for word processing, Excel 2010 for spreadsheet development, Access 2010 for database management, and PowerPoint 2010 for graphic presentations 5. Experience integration features of the Office Professional software suite 6. Explore use of the internet for access to supplemental information and research 7. Develop generally accepted communication skills utilizing electronic mail

Methods of Instruction:
This course will be delivered through the on line course environment in Blackboard in addition to the texts (hardcopy and electronic) some material will be presented via SimNet.

Required Text:
ISBN: 9780077571610
NEW: $135.50 USED: $101.75
This bundle contains 4 components:
1. The O'Leary Series Microsoft Office 2010 Introductory (ISBN: 978-0-07-351930-2 List Price: $114.96)
2. Computing Essentials 2012 - Introductory (ISBN: 978-0-07-747081-4 List Price: $78)
3. Simnet for Office 2010 & SimGrader 2010 account code ( List Price $74.95)
4. Office 2010 - 180 day trial license (cannot be purchased outside of the bundle)
Total Individual Retail Price $267.91, TCC Bundle Cost: $135.50

If you buy used books you may not have the license to use SimNet and SimGrader. You will have to purchase those directly from the supplier at an additional cost.

Operating System Software Requirements:
Microcomputer equipped with Microsoft’s operating system and online connection. You may use Windows XP, Vista, or Windows 7.

The Computer Science Lab on Northeast Campus has Windows 7 on all machines but there will be little difficulty in managing files and there are personnel there to help you.
We will be covering information about Windows 7 in our course but you do not have to have it on your home computer. Vista or Windows XP will be manageable and you will experience Windows 7 in the NE Computer Science Lab.

Apple computers are not supported.

Application System Software:
Microsoft’s Professional Office 2010 Suite which includes: Word 2010, Excel 2010, Access 2010 and PowerPoint 2010

Microsoft Office Products previous to Office 2010 are not supported. Course Requirements:
1. The student will experience instruction using a computer applications tutorial textbook, completing hands-on exercises utilizing a microcomputer to create a variety of documents, training and testing using an interactive training/grading/testing tool, participating in an on-line discussion group addressing computer-related topics, and receiving messaging help and guidance from course instructor.
2. Students enrolled in BCIS will need access to a microcomputer with internet capabilities and application software used for the course.
3. Students will work independently through tutorial chapters in the course applications text in an effort to learn and practice software tasks and procedures.
4. Students will produce documents and presentations using the designated software for submission during the semester. These assignments will be uploaded or submitted to Blackboard on or before published due dates for evaluation.
5. Students will use SimNet an interactive teaching/training/testing tool to develop software skills. Training, Assignments and Projects will be