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Video Case Paper
Nicole Young
October 25, 2013
Robin Goins

Video Case Paper

Video Case One: Sociology
Group Members Communication and Diversity Styles
While viewing this video we watch a local college’s sociology department attempting to come up with which classes they should for the upcoming term. The group or team is made up of 2 females and 3 males. This group is in the middle of a discussion with each individual sharing their ideas and points of view. In watching this group we can see that it has vast mixture of ideas and individuals we can also see how their connections, allow them to communicate easily with one another. The group leader makes sure that each individual’s point is acknowledged by others in the group so that they can succeed in communicating with one another.
Throughout the video we also saw that the leader helped keep each member on their set path or point of view helping to stop each member from losing track of their objective when other members are speaking off the subject. With the entire member’s efforts and skills, such as how well they know their team member, their knowledge of the discussion topic, the make up of the entire team, and unspoken norms helped the entire group the ability to correspond successfully from inside. Since both male and females were represented in the group there was diversity in view points which did not develop into an obstacle when the group attempted to speak as one. A group that is