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Omarosa v. NBC


Include coverage of the following:

1. How did this exercise relate to what you already know about negotiation? Before taking this class, I knew people negotiate to achieve the most common interest, that is, to arrive a point makes each side satisfied. There are two kinds of background in negotiation, one is both sides have agreed to cooperate but need negotiate to share the common interest; the other is that both sides still need to negotiate whether to cooperate or not. This case is the second one. Omarosa doesn’t care about the payment too much but she wants improve her role on TV and NBC cares about the loss if Omarosa rejects to come back. So as long as Omaraso can get a “Good Guy” role, NBC would keep the high rating. But the difficulty of this negotiation is that we can’t change the result, that is, Omarosa has to play the “Bad Guy” in the rest 3 episodes. This situation is common in real word negotiations. The way to solve this problem is to find out other chance to make up Omarosa’s “Lose”. So as the representative of NBC, I would like to give Omarasa a new “Good Guy” role in another new TV series to improve her public impress. Sometimes we should understand what the opposite side needs so we can find an appropriate approach to give a good offer. 2. How does this exercise relate to any real life negotiations you have had? This case reminded me an issue I experienced before. One of my friends runs