Essay on Case Management Control – Rabobank Nederland

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Case Management Control – Rabobank Nederland

Roger Barr’s performance as it is related to the North Texas Cotton Cooperative (NTCC).

Roger Barr is part of the New York credit Committee as an account officer. His main tasks are to review all loan proposals and make decisions and recommendations on proposals up to $1 million. Up to $5 million he needs approval of the New York credit Committee. Loans over $5 million also need approval of the credit Committee of Rabobank Nederland, based in Utrecht. Barr also is the vice president and account manager of Rabobank.

For the account managers a set of goals will be agreed on for loans, deposits, and other income fees. Rabobank only hires experienced account managers because they need
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Action controls
The definitions of their desirable actions are clear, however there is not a standard set of procedures. The account managers are allowed considerable autonomy; they are free to identify potential clients. Are they aware of the consequences of their actions? They know that if a loan exceeds their individual lending limit from one million, they have to ask permission to the New York Credit Committee, and above the five million to the credit committee in Utrecht as well. The effectiveness of the action tracking system is whether they know if their actions are noticed, why is it so important that they do the things that are (not) desired from them.

Result controls
After loans are on the books, several parties review them periodically. This means once by external auditors with the review of the bank statement, once by the US Comptroller of the Currency and once by the Rabobank itself as a constant monitor of the clients. But there is not a specific random control of the given loans to check whether they have done their work in alignment with the objectives of the Rabobank as a company.

For each account manager there are written goals, set annually for loans and, in some cases, deposits and other service income. They are responsible for a lot of things, besides the written goals they have to achieve non-measurable goals such as contribution to a more efficient operational process as well.