Essay about Case Management Ethical Issues

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This paper will first discuss briefly what ethics are and provide the definition for an ethical issue. An ethical leadership issue is identified and explained for this author’s practice area. We will then identify and discuss key strategies for leadership that are pertinent to the ethical issue. Next, empirical evidence which supports the strategies discussed will be analyzed. Then, the impact and importance of the strategies will be stated. The final step will be to provide a conclusion to the reader that summarizes the content and strategies.
What is ethics? According to Velasquez et al (2010), “ethics is a well-founded standard of right and wrong that prescribe what humans ought to do, usually in terms of rights, obligations,
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While we have only reviewed a few strategies to be employed by CM leaders, there are many more that can be used if the above are not enough to assist in the resolution of an ethical issue. So, how do these strategies impact the case management arena?
By CM leaders understanding the need for education, encouragement of advocacy, support of decision making and inclusion of the development for companies’ goals, they arm the case manager with some tools required to aid resolution and future prevention of ethical issues. CM leaderships understanding of case managers needs, assists the case manager meets the patient centered goals and the financial goals of the organization which is critical for survival in a managed care environment.
In conclusion, this paper first discussed briefly what ethics are and provided the definition for an ethical issue. Next, the ethical issue faced by case managers regarding the struggle between financial goals and patient center goals in a managed care environment and establishing a balance was identified and explained. Next, a few key leadership strategies pertinent to the identified ethical issue were discussed. Encouraging education, advocacy, support for decision making and employer employee were offered as strategies for CM leadership to assist with resolution of ethical issues and further elimination of future issues. Next, empirical evidence that supported the strategies suggested were discussed and