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Olivia Nelson Case Memo 1 June 4, 2014

To: Anne Trotter, director of the Department of Occupational Licensing
From: Art Springer, the bureau chief
Date: May 28, 2014
Subject: Staff Meetings


I have headed the Bureau of License Enforcement for three years and have enjoyed a relatively free reign during this time. Governor William J. Smith is a charismatic leader who runs the state with a tight rein, primarily through his own personal style. He is used to getting his way and quite adapt at negotiating high-powered deals between legislative leaders and special interest groups. The governor expects those around him to “tow the line.”


Many of the agency’s mid-level administrators have expressed a desire to attend the event. Three of the four bureau chiefs are holding meetings in their state capital offices on the day of the event so that mid-level administrators in their bureaus’ district offices can attend the event and get reimbursed for their travel expenses to and from the state capital. I have been asked to call my own personal meeting in the state capital so that the employees can be seen at the event and have a chance to network with other state administrators. The state statutes are very clear about prohibiting partisan activity by employees on state time. I am certain this particular activity taking place within the agency is a violation of the spirit of the statutes if not, in fact, the letter of statutes especially since the other chiefs have privately admitted to me that there is no legitimate reason for the meetings.


In order for employees to have a chance to network with other state administrators I would strongly recommend that a meet…