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ENG101 Module 2
Trident University International

Generation “Y”
Generation Y also known as “the Millennials” were people born from the 1980’s to the early 2000’s. Anyone born during that time period may consider their selves part of the “Y Generation”. There are a lot of factors that have made generation Y the way they are today. Many people’s opinions may differ on why this generation is the way it is, but one thing they can all agree on is technology was involved one way or another.
Generation Y might as well be known as generation internet. The internet has no doubt affected this generation in huge ways. The “Millenials” were the first to grow up with the internet. Even though it wasn’t invited by them they have definitely used this resource more than any group before them. It’s almost like the internet grew up with them. This tool takes part in nearly every aspect of their lives. From meeting new people to buying a new house generation Y uses this important technology in more ways than ever before.
The internet is used so much by the “Millenials” that they even carry it with them at all times. Smartphone is a word every gen Y will know, and a device nearly every one of them will have. It keeps them “connected” at all times which seems like a must have for this generation. The smartphone has essentially brought the internet with gen Y wherever they go. Obviously there are people from generation X using smartphones as well, but nothing like Y. It is used for anything and everything, from an alarm to media portal. The smartphone has also helped connect millions of people but at the same time is seems to make these people less social. Generation Y lives on the internet, that is why the smartphone is such a vital piece of technology for them.
No other generation has got to grow up with video games. From the Atari to Nintendo and PlayStation gen Y has had them all. Generation Y plays more video games than other generation before them. This has caused a lot of controversy all over the world. Some people even go so far as to say that video games caused Columbine. One can hardly imagine that was the sole cause of that tragic incident. Generation Y has gone so far as to consider some of these video gamers actual athletes or celebrities. A lot of them spend hours upon hours playing these games even today. From the youngest members to the oldest members of “the Millennials” video games are a daily habit. Even video game consoles are now “connected”. The internet has become a must have for gamers. Now a Millennial from the United Kingdom can play a game with someone in Japan who doesn’t even speak the same language. It just shows how the internet has so easily connected this generation. Once again we see another technology being a huge part of this gen Y. With these people becoming so connected to technology and the internet, it’s no question they are different than the generation before them. One could even say all this technology has made them lazy. Generation Y is definitely the work smarter not harder generation. They thrive on this term and it makes them who they are. Where generation X spent most there childhood outdoors there’s no doubt a lot of generation Y spent most of theirs inside, and most likely playing a video game. Generation Y is a generation that would rather work with their minds than their hands, and that’s the biggest difference between them and the past.
All of the connectedness that these people experience on a daily basis from the internet has caused them to be a lot more liberal. With the vast amounts of information they are given every second by all the technology around them there isn’t any doubt it would have an effect. Where in 1960 people had to wait for the paper for the latest news, today they get it instantly in the form of a tweet or a