Case Odwalla Essay

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Odwalla, Inc (A)
Management Writing and Reporting
August 18, 2013

Case Odwalla, Inc (A)

Discussion Question

1. What are the key communication issues for Odwalla?
The key communication issues for Odwalla are how it will communicate to its consumers and clients the main point of they still a safe and quality Company of Fresh and Natural juice. The main issue that the company is about retaining its principal clients and consumers. For several years Odwalla has been a solid and sustainable company. The way that this Company must influence is fundamental to keep up with business. I consider that an appropriate way to encourage this value and principals is expresses its support to the people affected and to promote its history as
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Does a company such as Odwalla have a responsibility to change its production processes?
I considered that the do not change its production processes, but they must do some arrangement to make better its product’s distribution. One of the ways that this can happen is to suspend the reuse of the juice that was not selling during the day. Although the distribute transportation of the product is conserve in special frozen refrigerators they show not mix with other juice product that is recently elaborate. I considered that in some way the product could suffer alterations therefore this should be stop in order to keep going with its business. Another strategy that Owners Company must do; is do not distribute the juice product at least they have an appropriate purchase order. Therefore its policy manual must be adapted in order to employees follow the new strategy, where the purchase order must be signed for a supervised department and fully claimed for a client. The idea of this strategy is just to distribute the exactly quantity of product order by a client. The intention is to avoid the returning of the product, because the strategy plan is to allocate only the quantity that was order for a client.

6. If the things Odwalla is saying about itself (in its advertising and its core values) are really true, what should they do? What’s their next move?
Odwalla must take full responsibilities to all the injurious people. The Company must assist to all the