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Anika Porter
Period 1
Case Report
Anna Garcia age 38, height 5’4, Hispanic. Her body was found in the kitchen at her house at 9:56 am on August 14, 2012. She was found lying face down with vomit and blood by her face, there was an unusual white powder found, an aspirin bottle with 2 pills on the floor, a bottled of un-opend orange juice, there were shoe prints and finger prints at the scene, unplunged syringe on the floor, shoes are off by her feet, to her right temple, ankles are swollen, finger nails show graying, recently healed broken shoulder bone, recently healed tibia, inflamed red injection site on left thigh, bruised right elbow, oxygen deprivation, and vomit in oral cavitiy.
Summary of Findings
To figure out who's finger print was at the scene we got a sample of each of Alex, Doug Erica, Lucy and Anna's index finger print. We looked at each print to determine if it was arch, loop, or whorl. The finger print at the scene was Alex's and was loop. The blood at the scene was type B and only Anna and Alex have that type so we combined the blood at the scene with anit-A serum and anti-B serum and it showed us that the blood at the scene was Anna's. The shoe print belonged to Anna because it matched up with the shoe. For the white powdery substance we made 7 guesses as what it could be: Cocaine, Acetaminophen, Acetylaslicylic Acid (aspirin), Methamphetamine, Ecstasy and unknown. We ruled it out to be aspirin, thats used as a pain reliver and a blood thinner. For blood spatter we did an experiment to see if height afftects the spatter, height affects the spatter by how big the diameter of the spatter is. To see whos DNA was found at the secne we did Gel Electrophoresis which makes DNA into long short strands, we combined everyone's DNA and Anna'a macthed up with the one at the crime scene. Anna's rectal temperature was 92.4
Evidence and Inferences
Our evidence is that the pills found at the