Case: Right Management Consultants Succeeds by Managing Change Essay

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Case: Right Management Consultants Succeeds by Managing Change

Question 1: What are the challenges faced by Right when the downsizing effort no longer is a popular human resource strategy?

One of the main challenges that the Right company will have to face when downsizing effort is no longer a popular human resource strategy is quite simply finding a new strategy that will work. In finding a new strategy one must take the strategic approach to HRM. In the strategic approach to HRM there are six key elements that are essential for HR managers to consider:

- recognize the impact of the outside environment

- recognize the impact of competition and the dynamics of the labor market

- has a long range focus

- focuses on the
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The fifth step in the HR planning model is to estimate shortage or surplus on individual occupations or job categories. It is extremely important for Human Resource to stay ahead of the game and predict future moves. If HR would have done their job and seen the future they could have reacted accordingly and prevented downsizing so steeply. For example, in chapter one we learned about Capital vs. Labor and how planning ahead could cause some companies to buy machines, which would take over some human jobs, hence cut costs and avoid having to downsize so rapidly. Polaroid lacked a solid HR plan and I believe this has nothing to do with operational employees because it is not their job to do so. They can be made aware of the downward direction the company is undergoing, but it is near impossible for employees to do anything since they are simply told what to do by management.

Question 3: Why would employees work virtually around the clock as they did in the early days of Polaroid?

In the early days of Polaroid, workers worked around the clock for days because of how excited they were. “Many Polaroid employees worked 6 days a week and loved every minute of it” (Human Resource Management pg. 129). The only way employees would work around the clock now as they did in the early days of Polaroid would be if they had the same passion and love for what they do. As stated in page 109 in the textbook, there is usually