Essay on Case. Skin- Tique Corporation

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Contents of the paper

1.Executive Summary
2.Company Description
3.Strategic Focus and Plans
-Mission, goals, objectives
-Core competencies, sustainable competitive advantage
4.Situation Analysis
-SWOT analysis
-Industry analysis, trends
-Competitor analysis
-Company analysis
-Customer analysis
5.Product-Market Focus
-Marketing and product objectives
-Points of difference
6.Financial Data and Projections


Executive Summary

The case is about skin- tique corporation, the case study covers the company description an overview of what they produce there objectives and the companies core competencies. This aims to provide a fair understanding of the company and the line of business it is
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Retail price of $ 3.95 per 5 - ounce tube. Retailers received a 40 percent margin.($ 1.58)- Retailer's Price- $2.37
Rack jobbers - receive a margin of 20 percent off( $.47) the sales price to retailers- $ 1.89
Customer Analysis
- Women use a variety of methods for hair removal.
- Most popular method - shaving with soap and water
Shaving with razors and shaving cream and gels is the next most used method.
Third is shaving with electric razors.
Women have their own razors, purchase their own supplies of blades. Approximately 90 million women ( age 13 and over) shave with a blade and razor
5 million women use electric shavers.
80 percent of women shave at least once per week
Women who work outside the home shave more frequently
Women shave about eleven times per month
They shave nine times more skin than men
Shaving frequency varies by season, with the summer months producing the greatest shaving activity.
Women view shaving as a necessary evil.
Women want a product that contains a moisturizer, reduces irritation, and makes shaving easier.
Four out of five women use a moisturizer after shaving.

Product-Market Focus
Marketing and product objectives-
-Whether to introduce a new package design for the company's Soft and Silky Shaving Gel.
-Whether a 5 - ounce or a 10- ounce aerosol container should be introduced.
-Whether additional funds should be approved for a market