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November 1st, 1996
Odwalla retail consumers

Dear Consumers,

For these past weeks, some 66 people have become sick. According to public health physicians, a link between these illnesses and Odwalla products could be found.
Our first thoughts and all our prayers are sent towards victims and their families. We wish them a prompt recovery.
Second, we want to thank you for your trust and loyalty in our products. Let us say how this confidence is worthy to us and why you should continue trusting Odwalla.
If you drink Odwalla, it means you are health-conscious adults aware of the fact Odwalla products are prepared, freighted and preserved in healthy and fresh conditions. We are using only pure fruit extracts. A quality control division monitors the whole process by using very strict safety rules. Moreover we maintain strong safety agreement with our suppliers and vendors about the quality production, the transport and the preservation of Odwallla products.
Within a few weeks, each of you, as a loyal Odwalla product consumer, will have the opportunity to visit the nearest factory of your home. This aims at showing you in a person the quality of our production, of our control and at restoring your confidence without any doubt.
We deeply doubt these sicknesses come from our factories, as well as our suppliers or vendors. Nevertheless please be sure that a complete, overall and unmitigated investigation is about to begin, under the supervision of the public health department of California.
Day-to-day results and progression of this investigation will be available on our special website: You will be able to