Fall Semester Case Study Answers

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Christopher Wilson
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Fall Semester

Case Study #1

Question #1:
Product: Dr. Beckett wanted to provide offer the highest level of quality to her patience.
Place and Time: Dr. Beckett hired a design consultant to design an office space with plenty space and lots of light. Specific times were allotted for each procedure and the staff worked very hard to see that these times was met.
Price: Dr. Beckett did not want to become an HMO provider. This meant in order to deliver some of the top quality dentistry she could, her patience may often have to pay fees for costs not covered by their insurance policies.
Promotion and Education: Dr. Beckett’s dental degrees were prominently displayed in her office, along with certificates from various programs that she and her staff had attended to updated their technical examples. Her business grew without any advertising but by word of mouth instead.
Process: With the help of a consultant the office systems were redesigned. Routine procedures and processes were put in place so that error was reduced and all patients would receive the same quality of care. She also met with her team each morning to go over the day’s activities and lay out a plan of execution.
Physical Environment: Dr. Beckett increased the size and lighting in the space to give a more rewarding experience for her staff and patience. Modern furniture and certain painting schemes welcomed the patience and make them feel comfortable. Live plants and flowers were abundant, and the walls were covered with art. Patience could also enjoy a warm beverage while reading current magazines and newspaper articles.
People: The office staff was to work as an effective member of the office group and not perform in a solitary fashion. Dr. Beckett valued her relationships with her staff and because her staff was so happy, this was immediately reflected on the patience during the time of service.

Question #2:
People dislike going to the dentist for a variety of reasons. Most do not like the sounds of the equipment (like a drill), most do not like the invasiveness of the procedures, some do not like the pain associated with the procedures, and some do not like the costs involved. I feel Dr. Beckett addressed all of these dislikes. By providing an environment where a patient can feel comfortable and