Case Study 1 Art Exhibition Final Essay

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Table of Contents

I. Management Summary
II. Background Information
III. Problem Statement
IV. Alternatives
V. Analysis of Alternatives
VI. Detailed Recommendations
VII. Implementation
VIII. Appendices

Management Summary
Ann Chelsea and the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art’s primary concern as to which combination of art pieces should be displayed in their exhibit of up-and-coming modern artists. The goal for the exhibit is to not only help these artists but to education the public on different art forms. The museum has enough space for 20 paintings and 4 sculptures; additionally there is a $4,000,000 budget for the entire exhibit. There are 34 different art pieces to choose from for this exhibit, 5 sculptures and 29 paintings. In this report we will provide 4 alternatives to achieve the goals posed by Ann and the Museum. The first alternative was to find the mix that displayed the most art pieces, making up the most even mixture of art forms on display, and that is within the $4 million dollar budget. We determined that 15 pieces would be displayed, 13 paintings and 2 sculptures. This option will cost $3,950,000 and it will satisfy all of the requirements initially described by Ann and the Museum. The list of specific works is included in the appendix (Table 2) The second alternative was to find which pieces would need to be displayed for the least cost to reach 20 pieces. The solution we have developed is based off of the idea that 20 different art pieces had to be displayed in order to attract more public attention. For this alternative we used the same requirements in the first question with the exception of the $4 million dollar budget. The display mix suggested to achieve 20 art pieces at minimum cost would be 16 paintings and 4 sculptures which would cost $5,400,000. The art pieces chosen are located in the appendix (Table 3) The third alternative factors in an additional donation to the exhibit if all of Rita Losky’s works are featured. The solution presented is what pieces would be included in the exhibit if all Rita’s work are featured and there are 20 pieces on display. The donation would be the minimum amount necessary to feature 20 art pieces in the exhibit, thus minimum cost is also factored into this solution. The presented mix of 20 pieces would be 17 paintings and 3 sculptures costing a total of $5,800,000, the benefactor would provide $1,800,000 of which. The selected artworks are indicated in the appendix (Table 4).
The fourth alternative is to expand the budget to display 20 paintings and 4 sculptures.
The goal of this alternative is to maximize the use of the space available at the lowest cost. We will go into more detail on the specifics of the alternatives and recommendation later in the report, in addition we will also include our recommended implementation strategy as well.

Background Information Ann’s good fortune with the lottery has created an excellent opportunity to advance her interests as a Modern Artist and the interests of the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. As an up-and-coming artist, Ann wants to use her newfound fortune to create an exhibit to increase exposure to her work and the works of other up-and-coming modern artists. Ann also believes that the public is not very educated about the different forms and types of artwork and would like to show visitors as many different types of modern artwork as possible. Ann being the primary contributor also would like to ensure that her friends are featured in the exhibit as well.
The Museum is in a position to advance it’s own agenda as well by participating in the artwork selection process. Hector the senior director at the museum would like to emphasize a politically correct exhibit. Displaying the works that represent the diverse population of artists and show a wide variety of subjects to appeal to a large audience. Ensuring female artists, Native American artists, the topics of science, and environmentalism are all