Essay on Case Study 1: Initiating Change in the Manufacturing and Distribution Division of Polyprod

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Through an informal analysis, Roberta Jackson has begun to clarify the organizational issues facing M&DDiv manufacturing division. From this analysis she has clarified key organizational issues that need to be addressed in order to fix the documentation problem. It is evident that the documentation problem is actually a symptom of the following underlying organizational issues.
1. The organization lacks a clear vision or strategy.
2. The organizational culture is rigid and reluctant to change. Earlier attempts at improving the documentation system saw some initial changes but change soon halted and the company slipped back into old habits.
3. The company is experiencing inconsistencies in workflow due to rapid hiring, regular
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It will ensure coordination of satellite offices with each other and headquarters which will facilitate a smoother more efficient documentation process.
In order to develop a successful intervention Jackson will have to develop a plan that fits the needs of M&DDiv that ultimately can carried out by organizational members. The action plan will include reengineering of the organization’s core documentation processes. This will allow MDIV to create stronger coordination among locations, and faster, more responsive document processing. The adoption of a new coordination technology such as ERP will probably necessary to control and coordinate the processes effectively. Jackson can begin by using the information gathered from employees and managers at all locations to set attainable goals for the project. The project may seem to be more costly and time consuming than the company is willing to offer. However if Jackson makes the long-term cost savings of implementation clear, the company will see that they will actually be saving money. Enlisting the help of those key people will allow for a better likelihood of support for the change process. Then a performance appraisal of the current documentation process will be necessary to get a better understanding of the systems strengths and weaknesses. It may also be necessary to implement some type of mentoring and training for employees to improve productivity and efficiency.
The most important element of the