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Case Study #1 Sports Marketing and Promotions Vitor Lima

The article that I chose is called “Nike Launches LeBron Homecoming Spot Featuring Cleveland Landmarks”. LeBron James is a famous basketball player that has been MVP for four consecutives years; He is also a very popular figure worldwide and sponsored by Nike.
An unknown publisher published this article October 31, 2014 on
The article mainly talks about an advertisement made by Nike with the star LeBron James. The focus of the advertisement is to celebrate the return of LeBron James to the Cleveland Cavaliers together with the season opener game of 2014 against the Knicks. The ad also takes advantage of the team and Lebron james to promote the Nike brand showing a the shoes that Lebron wear. In the Ad LeBron James implores his teammates to work hard for the fans. He tells his team that they owe something for the Cleveland fans. Also when they start the huddle the entire city make part of it and scream together with the team. As an example he says things like “everything that we do on this floor (basketball court), its because of this city.” And “They are going to support us, we got to give it all back to them.” Which is a strategy to put the team and the fans together for the season.
The general nature of the article is that a really big brand is using LeBron James and the team Cleveland Cavaliers to promote and sell its products faster and easier as well as to promote the Team. Using LeBron James as the main figure for the advertisement bring a huge number of people to watch it, since LeBron is a Icon not only in basketball but also in the world. It seems like the Advertisement is only for Cavaliers fans, however it also attracts millions of other people, as an example, kids that look up to LeBron because they love the sport and want to be just like him.
I selected this article for multiple reasons. First of all I am a college athlete and I love any kind of sports, and since I’m living in United States I end up being around a lot of people that like Basketball. For this reason is hard to not hear, watch or read anything about the sport. Furthermore, being a soccer player, I use a lot of Nike’s products, to train and play, especially the cleats. I also select this article because I always wanted to go to a basketball game