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July 7, 2015
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Dr. M. Harris Case Study 10
Robin Hood and his Band of Merry Men had a successful first year. With new recruits pouring in from the furthest outreaches of England, Robin had met his objective of strengthening in number.
Although he was satisfied with the size of the organization, he has realized necessary preparations had not been made to accommodate the now over abundance of members of his organization. Many challenges now face Robin such as a lack of provisions and lack of funds to support the band, keeping up with ever changing environmental and economic scenarios, but he cannot lose focus of their original foundation of "Robbing from the rich and giving to the poor".
In addition they have to stay focused on their long term goal to remove Prince John from power by freeing King Richard from his imprisonment in Austria.(123 HELP)
Action Plan
● Analyze and identify the issues.
● Outline possible solution.
● Do a preliminary evaluation.
● Discuss issue and its corresponding solution.

● Appoint personnel for each issue solution.
● Delegate responsibilities.
Robin Hood's mission is to form structure within his organization so that it can continue to grow and prosper.
Aggressively pursue Equality for the people by installing a government that bestows empowerment to the people and creating alliances between with the Merry Men, the barons, and the people
A transit tax on all transportation via the Sherwood Forest should not permanently be enforced.
This will only alienate the farmers and village people who have long supported Robin and his
Merry Men as well as diminish moral among the organization. If the support of the local people is lost then they might not be as willing to give Robin anymore inside information on when lucrative merchant shipments will be traveling through Sherwood Forest in the future.(Garcia ,
"Robin Hood, mission, vision, values and goals") If moral diminishes then it will work negatively towards re­instituting discipline within the group. The only possible exception is if funds were needed immediately there could be a one time implementation of the transit tax for a temporary period of time in order to reach their goals as long as the reasoning was explained beforehand to the organization as well as to their local supporters. (Garcia , "Robin Hood, mission, vision, values and goals") While joining forces with the Barons exclusively as a solution would not be a recommendation, it would be in their best interest to show support of the
Barons efforts. If it turns out that the Barons raise enough funds to earn King Richard's release from his prison in Austria, Robin would want King Richard to know that he was involved in the effort. ("Robin Hood :: Case Study Analysis")

There does need to be further options pursued as far as an alternative source of revenue for the organization. It would be in their best interest though to continue current avenues of revenue while seeking new ones to pursue. Killing the sheriff does not earn King Richard's release from his prison in Austria. Therefore, we can only assume that Prince John will appoint a new sheriff with equal power and similar agenda as that of his predecessor. To kill the sheriff would only shift focus away from solving the current issues facing the