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Erin Fitzpatrick
Rigor Mortis Case Stud
BIO 317

Construct a time-line of the events from Saturday evening through Monday morning as described in the story.
Around 11:30 Steve hit his head and was knocked unconscious. Steve’s injuries most likely caused his death in the early Monday morning hours. Jackie most likely died from the substance that was thrown in her face by Leslie. Jackie most likely died very soon after Leslie threw the substance at her. This would have been at approximately 12:30am on Sunday morning. This would have made it about 30 hours before she was discovered.
Cellular Respiration Questions:
Which part of cellular respiration uses 2 ATP and produces 4 ATP per glucose molecule? Where does this set of reactions occur in the cell?
Glycolysis uses 2 ATP to produce 4 ATP and this occurs in the cytoplasm of the cell
Which part of cellular respiration produces the most ATP? How does it work?
Electron transport chain produces the most ATP. This chain works in a complex set of steps. A H gradient is established in the inner membrane of the mitochondria. The H ions move through ATP synthase to make ATP.
Which part of cellular respiration produces the most NADH? How many?
Krebs Cycle; 6
What molecules are needed to produce ATP by oxidative phosphorylation?
ADP, Pi, ATP synthase, H
In a living organism, what happens to ATP production when there is no oxygen available (anaerobic conditions)?
Lactic acid fermentation
What are the characteristics of a dead body?
The characteristics of a dead body is the cessation of a pulse, limp muscles, motionless ect.
Consider the processes involved in muscle contraction. Summarize in a few sentences the relationship between ATP and muscle contraction.
ATP is required for muscle contraction because when ATP is released, it is converted to ADP. This is done using myosin ATPase which causes myosin actin cross bridges to pull