Case Study 2: Linux An Operating System On The Rise

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Case Study 2: Linux An Operating System On The Rise It is important to have an operating system which refers to a set of programs that allows users to manage all the resources from the computer. There are different options of OS that technology has been offering us. Linux is one of the options we can find in the market. Linux give to the general public different advantages. It is a full-featured, multiuser, multitasking OS. One of the main characteristics that this OS has is that is free. This can get the attention and the interest for the customers. No-cost upgrades are standard procedure for Linux, which has been free for 22 years. (Loek Essers, 2014). This is a great advantage offering by Linux. Also, Linux can work from a very small and very large computer, which means that it can operate in almost any type of computer. Finally, Linux is easy to install and it is a stable OS. Most of the times when people go to the store to buy a computer they let the consultant to guide you and help you to pick the OS. Sometimes, customers do not have any preferences and they just use the OS that the computer has install already. Apple is becoming more popular among the general public and it uses a different OS. Also, when people is at the workplace or at schools, most of the times the computers on those places run Windows and people is more familiar with it. Unfortunately, people do not take the time to research and learn more about other OS and the advantages that Linux offers them. Linux like others OS include some security features. Ubuntu Lunix8.10, which is slated for release at the end of October, ships with a new encrypted private directory feature that enables users to store sensitive data securely without incurring the performance over head of full volume encryption. (Brooks, 2008). This is a good feature because companies