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Case Study #3

“Creating Synergy in a Four-Generation Workplace”

The Green Globe Project Team

MGT 337-0001 – O’Bannon
Due March 15, 2015

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[Shanna Loyd (Vance), Andy Best, James Osborn]

Due Date: Sunday, March 15
Posted on: Monday, March 2, 2015 11:12:03 AM CST

Read the Case Study (CS) on Creating Synergy in a Four-Generation Workplace
Per the goal listed on page nine of the CS, structure a communications plan on how to capitalize on generational diversity and to assist the group in expediting their work

Case study located under Case Study Documents and the link below
Double-spaced, 12-pt, Times New Roman
Feel free to use graphs, charts, etc., as well as other resources, including additional research, Noe text and PowerPoints

Green Globe Team
Below is a table of the team members of the Green Globe Project Team. Each member is categorized by generation and key attributes associated with that generation’s perspectives, values, and expectations in business and society.

Communication Structure
Research indicates that people communicate based on their generational backgrounds. Each generation has distinct attitudes, behaviors, expectations, habits and motivations. Learning how to communicate with the different generations can eliminate many confrontations and misunderstandings in the workplace and society. Based on the Green Globe Team generational category chart, below is a communication plan structured to best fit the needs of each category.
For this member category it is best to use face-to-face communication. Hold meetings, in person, with a formal agenda distributed in hard copy, stay on topic and keep the meetings limited to one hour, with room for staff Q&A. Minutes from previous meetings should be included with each agenda so that they may be easily referenced. Meetings should be scheduled at least once a week, on the same day at the same time. Consistency is key.
NOTE: The Veteran category contains the eldest members of team. With this in mind and understanding their value system from the chart in the previous section, effective communication requires the use of correct spelling and grammar, and formal terminology. Do not speak in slang or overly use contemporary or obscure references. Address veteran members with respect. Speak in a moderate tone at a regulated speed and annunciate clearly. When speaking, face the member so that they may hear you clearly or for the purpose of lip reading.

Baby Boomers
For this member category it is recommended to hold meetings via telephone conference at least once a week, on the same day every week and at the same time. An outlined agenda should be distributed both via email and hard copy in advance. Explicit call-in instructions should be included on the agenda as well as the minutes taken from each previous meeting so that they may be reviewed and easily referenced.
NOTE: Take a poll at the first meeting to guage whether or not teleconferencing works best or if these members would prefer to meet together in person to have more of a round table discussion.

For team members in this category, meetings should be scheduled at 30-minute intervals and no more than once a week. Reminders will need to be sent out via email at least one day prior to each meeting,