Johnson Consumer Behavior

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The way that Johnson and Johnson have made it so that consumers are truly intrigued in their company is setting high goals as a company so that consumers notice them in a way that keeps Johnson and Johnson at the top of their game. The way that john and Johnson keeps close with all of their consumers is relating with them as much as possible so that they can build a relationship with their customers and the same reasons why people want to work at Johnson and Johnson. By keeping in top ranks of all types of categories shows consumers how much they are interested in the social and cultural setting that they associate with. Some category that Johnson and Johnson are ranked high in is America most admired companies, Worlds most respected companies (Johnson & Johnson, 2010).

When it comes to social and cultural influence in consumer behavior when buying, there are a lot of things that come into place. When it comes to consumers there are lots of different cultures that are consumers that have different needs when it comes to buying products. So when it comes to different marketers trying to produce products for every cultural there is a lot of thought that goes into the idea of who to sell their product to. When it comes to consumer, they try to stick to what they grew up on as a child. Consumers stray very seldomley from what they already know and stay to their cultural background. When being raised a certain way and buying things for a long period of time. It is hard for consumers not to purchase items that will help them from not being put on the shelf and keeping whatever they need to be relevant. For consumers social behavior the norm is what everyone is use to in certain things that they buy at certain stores now with the social behavior that people express when buying now there are no limit in to what people might buy these days that they wouldn’t buy twenty to thirty years ago. In this day in age there are no restrictions to what people will buy no matter how they feel or whom