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Case Study: Tesla Motors
Each client comes to Radius with a complex international challenge. Some need help navigating human resource issues like employee benefits or setting up a local payroll. Others need help determining which entity structure to use, how to manage cash or how to file important compliance documents accurately and on time.

No matter what challenge clients face as they bring their products and services overseas, Radius is always here to help with practical, actionable advice. While we may assist initially with something urgent and tactical, we eventually help all of our clients understand the international landscape and translate their strategic vision into new opportunities, partnerships and revenue overseas.

All of our clients have a unique story to tell about their particular international expansion adventure. One thing they all have in common is partnering with Radius to help make that adventure more profitable, efficient and a lot less daunting. These are their stories.

The Challenge:
Tesla Motors is one of the most innovative and progressive companies to emerge on the green technology market. Having successfully launched the electric Roadster supercar in the US, Tesla was ready to expand globally. Even as Management prepared for an IPO, Tesla was formulating an aggressive plan to open car dealerships in 25 countries within 24 months.

The plan and logistics were clear but the execution daunting, given the tight timeline and resources. The patchwork of service providers that Tesla normally used to provide international expansion capabilities could no longer scale. Tesla’s global footprint – a small number of employees in many countries – heightened the challenge. The Human Resources team realized early in the process that it needed timely attention on critical issues if Tesla were to meet its aggressive expansion targets, which was becoming increasingly difficult with multiple vendors and conflicting advice.

Tesla also wanted to meet another very important target - preserving its culture. “When you recruit the very best employees, they expect excellence. Excellent benefits and compensation, employment contracts that comply with their particular country’s legislation and the expectation that you will have a reputation for being a model employer.” says Alan Cherry, Tesla’s Director of Human Resources. “Having a reputation as a model employer in every country where we do business is very important to us.” Telsa needed a provider that could meet its rigorous deadlines while infusing the company culture into the hiring process.

The Solution:
Tesla decided it needed a single source partner who could help unify the hiring process and provide consistent answers to their team’s most pressing questions at a rate that kept pace with their growth. Tesla chose Radius. “There were a couple of firms which offered similar services, but neither had the depth of knowledge or offered the quality of service that