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Part -1 The interrelationships of the elements of the marketing mix Analyse:
JD Sports Product:, , JD Sports Fashion Group's most have a unique reputation and stylish collection of lifestyle products in UK, Ireland and Germany and have more than 500 stores. After sales service and brand the, the quality of the product design include good . JD sells lifestyle products. These Terms of Use are worn in everyday life and casual day wear Parent training and sports fashion as is the desire to target different groups of users. Such as Nike and Adidas have long been established that, popular brands.

Analyse the interrelationships of elements of the marketing mix:
Products of JD sports: With over 500 stores in the UK,Ireland and France, the JD sports Fashion Group has a reputation for stocking the most exclusive and stylish lifestyle products. Product also encompasses factors such as quality, design, after sales service and branding. JD sells lifestyle products. These are sportswear ranges worn in everyday life And JD targets different groups of consumers who desire trainers and sports fashion as casual day wear. These are long established, popular brands such as Nike and Addidas.
Price: The price charged for a product will depend on a number of factors: the cost to make it, the level of profit required, competitor prices and the price consumers are willing to pay. The demand for necessities, such as bread and fuel is unlikely to change much as prices fluctuate. Getting the price right is a key part of an organization’s marketing strategy. This is because it is the price that directly generates income, allows debts to be aid, re- investment to occur in the business infrastructure and profits to be made.
Promotion:The purpose of promotion is to create awareness in the consumers or generate interest and desire to buy products. Promotion can also be used to create or change the brand image and maintain market share. JDpromotional activity uses a mix of above-the-line and below-the-line promotions. Its above-the-line the activities include:
Paid for advertising in the newspaper and magazines.
Product placements in a range of publications are used to promote the different brands.
TV and Radios advertising. Radio advertising in particular allows JD to target its key 13-20 years old audience quickly and in a way that young people find relevant.

Below-the-line promotions offer opportunities to communicate directly with the consumers. For example:
E-mails help JD to regularly contact its database of consumers with promotions and product information. Magazines and leaflets present product and lifestyle content.
Sales incentives, promotions and competitors with celebrities generate excitement and interest in brand.
JD also uses impactful photography and high quality pointof sale material in stores and window displays to attract consumers and increase football.

Place (Distribution): The place element of marketing mix involves making products available to the customer in the most convenient way. JD operates in: the high street out of town locations shopping centers e-commerce
B).The variation of the elements on the basis of their sensitivity:
Product:JD has continued to grow despite the fact that levels of unemployment are increasing and many consumers now have reduced disposable income. The demand for non-essential goods, such as branded clothes, would normally decrease as income falls.
Price: The price charged for a product will depends on a number of factors such as the cost to make it, level of profit, competitor prices and the price customers are willing to pay. The demand of the JD’s products like sportswear and casual clothing is more likely to be price sensitive. . Incorrect or low pricing according to products in the market can have shattering effects on business There are different pricing strategies which can be adopted to generate demand such as: market penetration,