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Case Study
Lora Naratil
August 9, 2013
Harold Hortner

Case Study
Carl Robins, recruiter for ABC, Inc. successfully recruited several new hires to the company. Carl is striving to have the new employees thru orientation and working in a very short period of time. New to the company, only having worked there for six months, this too is his first recruitment effort. The new trainees will be working for Monica Carrolls, the Operations Supervisor.
Challenges are inherent in any recruitment effort, particularly for Carl since this is his first recruitment effort and the short period of time from date of hire till taking on this assignment. The employees were recruited in April and the expected date for the new hires to be working is by July. There are a number of issues that must be taken care of prior to, during and after the initial recruitment phase of a new employee. Background
This case study will identify issues experienced by Carl Robins in his recruitment efforts of 15 new hires. It will identify his lack of experience for the job, not having enough time from initial recruitment of employee, and procrastination of making sure all of the documents, manuals, etc. are all in place for the new hires to start the orientation process. Key problems
Lack of experience
Not having enough time to full-fill the commitment
Lack of experience Carl has only six months of employment with ABC, Inc., and this is his first recruitment effort as an employee. Only having six months with any company, you barely know what the whole company itself is all about. In order to be a good recruiter for a facility you should have some experience of working with the company for a while. Even though Carl is trying his best he is in a new position, doing a job for the first time with no other employee to help him or guide him in the process.
One of Carl’s main problems is procrastination. May 15 Monica Carrolls, the Operations Supervisor spoke with Carl about the training schedule. The conversation included orientation, manuals, policy booklets, physicals, drug tests and a host of other issues. Carl assured Monica that all these things would be arranged and finished in time. After Memorial Day, Carl viewed the new trainee files, two weeks after the discussion with Monica Carrolls the Operations Supervisor. While viewing the files he observed that some of them did not have completed applications or transcripts in there files. None of them had drug testing done. In a further search he found only three orientation manuals, all of which were missing pages. Carl then found out that Joe, from technology services, reserved the training room for the whole month of June, with no space for him to use the room for orientation.
Not enough time to full-fill the commitment
This being Carl’s first recruitment experience, he is not prepared enough to make sure everything is ready in preparation for the orientation process. With more experience, he would have been more on the ball with having the orientation packets complete and all of the paperwork completed and in the files.
There is not enough