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Unit 6 ; 3.1.

In a group of 4 including Natalie, Claire, Jenny and myself we discussed different trips to take KS 1 children on,, after pitching different places and some deliberation , we decided to take the children to Hatton Adventure Farm in Warwickshire. This venue will be packed with fun, educational factors , is local, cost effective and easy for food/lunch.

Organisation will consist of cost - pre booked groups of a minimum of fifteen or more paying children £7.50 per person.
Transport-Free parking for coaches or mini busses .
Supervision- 1 Adult to take a group of 6 children. (Parental help and CRB checked)
Health and Safety - Risk assessments need to be done. Cover for children not able to attend trip. Parental consent forms must be filled out . Lost children meeting point must be arranged. Supervision points made.
Staggered lunch times. Meeting point and times arranged for getting together and home time. Children to wear uniforms and an ID badge.

Job Roles.

Jenny - Pre Trip organiser
Claire- Team Leader
Natalie - Health & Safety
Lucy - Health & Safety

Brief Evaluation Report

I suggested Hatton Adventure Park as being the most practical, fun , educational and cost effective place for the children to visit out of our examples.

We all listened to each others ideas and thoughts and mainly agreed on practically everything .

I didn’t disagree with anybody’s suggestions, we all decided some places were maybe too far for young