Case Study Of Cake Me Up Bakery

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Running head: Week 5 Case Study

Week 5 Case Study

Jimmie Johnson

Devry University

I’m the manager of “Cake Me Up Bakery”. We are a growing company that has been able to achieve various milestones and are looking forward to accomplishing many other goals. With that in mind, my HR manager gave me a few pointers that can help the company grow. He recommended us to look into embracing the temp-to-perm policy. I respect the work that he does so I am considering the policy but a few of the cons are holding me back.
One downside I see to the policy is the lack of commitment. Perhaps the employee only sees this job as income for the time being so he/she will not work as hard as they could. They are just there to make money and that’s their number one aim. At times that can work in the favor of the company, money being the motivator, but when the worker is not earning as much as he/she should be earning, it could work against the company.
The temp stigma could be another issue that could arise from adopting this policy. The employees that are permanent at the job may look down upon those who are just temporary workers. It could bring some type of division amongst workers, which will not be beneficial to the business. The permanent workers know that the temporary workers more than likely are earning less so such knowledge could bring some unnecessary friction. Another downside of this policy is the inconsistency. For our bakery, one will have to go through training to know how to use the equipment and how the company functions on a daily basis. It takes time to train new employees so if these employees are not going to remain with the company for a long term it could be a waste of time. Always having to bring in new staff and train them all over again brings an unstable work environment to the company.

If I were to be looking for employment, the main focus is to get employed. Depending on the circumstance I will not be so direct on what I will and will not accept. A temp job will definitely be something that I consider because it is an easy opportunity to get the income that is needed. With that being said, there are pros and cons of taking a tempt job. Lets start with a few pros. Taking such a job is good for networking. Working for a new company means that I will be meeting new people. Those people in that company may have their own company or project that they want to begin and are looking for able people to join in the vision. Perhaps they are not starting something on their own, but they know someone who would need help in a particular area of business that I have expertise. Since the job is a temp job, it keeps things exciting. Similar to the first day of school, everything is new and interesting. After a few weeks or a month or so, things start to die down. With a temp job, right when things are dying down is when I would be leaving to another job, which will bring that new feeling once again. So in that case, there is no chance of getting bored at the job because time doesn’t last long enough for boredom to set in. With that being said, lets talk about the cons. We can start with the job being just a temporary job. This means that I cannot get comfortable. It’s similar to moving into a new apartment or house and having to move out a month or less after moving in. Such a lifestyle can get tiring and perhaps even depressing because ones heart is not at rest anywhere. That feeling of unemployment will always return because of the nature of the job policy. This means that the bills may not be paid on time if another temp job is not available within a short period of time. Speaking of bills being paid, another con of temp jobs is the pay. What I ought to be earning is not what I will be getting paid because the job is a temp job. The pay is usually cut in half from what I ought to be earning. So when it comes to paying bills, I would have to work doubles shifts if possible or have two