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This assignment of e-business is about the comparison of two websites having electronic landscaping or gardening business. I analyse the websites on the basis of some features and give the rating to each website according to the relevance. The first website which I select for this assignment is . The ANL is doing business in the field of landscaping and is one of the top companies doing landscaping business in Sydney. The second website is the Clearwater landscape is also doing business in landscaping. After answering the given question from each website I compare these two websites on the basis of the result of questions.


The first website which I choose is ANL (Australian Native Landscape) PVT LTD having URL for this assignment. ANL is using the business-to-customer model for the business. Business model is the plan implemented by a company to generate revenue and make a profit from operations the business-to –customer model is actually when business or transactions are directly in between the company and customers (who are the end-users of its products or services)

This website is belonging to business-to-customer model because it directly deals with customers. This company sell the products to customers directly the relationship is between the business and customer.
The ANL is actually relate with the landscaping business it is located in the Sydney suburbs of Terrey Hills, Seven Hills , North Ryde and Badgerys Creek as well as the regional centres of Orange, Bathurst and Tumut. Its locations provide plenty of space to showcase its edible product range, including a large range of garden soil, and allow the company to hold large quantities of stock. The ANL also provide the services of ANL’s qualified horticulturalists they select the ways and plants which makes your garden beautiful. The ANL deals which range of products such as DIY Landscape products, Agriculture products and services and environmental products and services. Having products such as landscape soil Mixes, Composts and soil conditioner, Decorative Mulches, Decorative Gardens Stone Products and Timber products. The company intends to continue leading the landscape, horticultural and composting industries with enterprise and innovation.

Rating - 5
Reason: The business name is Australian Native Landscape (ANL) Private Limited and the URL for this business is

Rating – 5
Reason: You can search this website very easily just write the business name in any search engine and the result will be on your screen.

Rating – 4
Reason: Mostly this website provides the information which required by the users such as company information, product information, nearest location, Quality Assurance and many more but it cannot provide the information about FAQ and help.

Rating- 5
Reason: Yes they manage the personal or sensitive information carefully by having check on this information.

Rating- 5
Reason: The Company has an account policy which can only be access by the authorized users.. Consumers ditch websites with poor privacy policy (Mayer, 2012)

Rating- 5
Reason: This website contain the company history or background , information relating to company , the quality assurance and the company location address which actually I think enough for trust development .

Rating- 1
Reason: This website contain little bit information relating to legal issue.

Rating- 5
Reason; The website have an email and password technique to access the current information and to book the order.

Rating- 0
Reason: The website contain only English language and addressing English culture.

Rating- 5
Reason: Yes the website contains all information about products with having a complete link of products.