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1. Pantone’s color-management systems can definitely be used for regular consumers. The creation of the smart phone has opened many doors for different companies to expand into the consumer market; with Pantones I-phone and android apps you can Isolate and identify any colors within a picture. Another way Pantone is reaching into the consumer market is not in this article but is a system my wife uses on a regular basis, it is color matching of paints for houses and furniture, pantone has created an app with the ability to build color palettes you can take with you anywhere and even share them through the app.
2. For many years, the Pantone Matching System has served as the standard in color matching and identification, with 1,114 solid, codified Pantone colors. There is definitely a derived demand for Pantones color management system. Many businesses use the system to help produce consumer products. Pantone also does a very good job at forecasting popular colors for each upcoming fashion season.
3. Pantone management Systems is definitely operating a service type business. They provide a very specific service to their customers, by offering there color formulas, palettes, as well as providing consulting services for businesses and giving advice in color palettes and how to use color. The article I chose to read for this week’s assignment was “Ethics in Social Network Marketing” by David Skul. In the article David talks about how unethical no-targeted spam marketing has really backfired for retailers. He mentions that when marketing through social networks you are joining a community, and with any community business does have its place but does not have the right to invade people’s privacy. You must also become a part of that community, get involved in groups, contribute, communicate and make friends that are interested in what you have to sell. There are many opportunities when marketing through social networks such as Facebook and Myspace. Do not overdue your ads to mislead or lure visitors, also do not criticize competitors’ products, simply point out