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Unit VI Paper
Cloud Computing Research Paper
Cloud computing is the use of computing resources such as hardware and software being delivered as a service over the internet. The resources are outsourced by other organizations in order to get the service in which they need. Cloud computing offers many different types of services such as software as a service and platform as a service. Cloud computing has been around for a while and many people were not aware they were using it. Google has to be one of the big companies that use cloud computing. Your Google mail is Software as a Service as well as Storage as a service.
There is no specific meaning for Web 2.0. It is usually associated with the loose grouping of capabilities, technologies, business models and philosophies. Web 2.0 uses software as a service. Web 2.0 has been used to describe the use of technology that goes beyond the use of the static ages of the earlier web sites.
Cloud computing and Web 2.0 intertwine a lot in some organizations. The Google organization uses both the cloud computing and Web 2.0 in order to make their website flourish. Most business use cloud computing in order to reduce the cost of running their information systems. So that the organization will not have to purchase the licenses for the software or maintain the software internally they use Software as a Serveice and just pay a fee in order to us it. This will reduce the cost of purchasing software tremendously. Some businesses use the cloud computing to allow the employees to be able to access their information from their work computer from anywhere. This is called Desktop as a service. Web 2.0 is used by business to help with advertising and mash ups. The use of Web 2.0 helps the organization reduce the cost of advertising. Web 2.0 helps businesses get their companies linked to the social media in which the advertisements spread like wild fire. The mashups help to organizations bring their content together. This is a great way for a department store to advertise their merchandise and give you access from another site. If you look on a movie website on your computer and you see an advertisement for Best Buy you can click on that advertisement and it will take you to
The benefits to using cloud computing is that you lower