Daniel Davis Case Study

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CASE STUDY Daniel Davis just started college and fresh out of high school college student his goals for this year is to stay on top of his grades and to be successful in all his classes he plans on studying on math more because he really isn’t good at math so he plans on going to the student success center to get some help on his math homework assignments so he can get the hang out of math .He is really good at at English and all other subject but dislike writing he struggles with papers because you have to just write so much and explain so much in the paper. Expectiaon of this year is to be very successful in all clases and be perparied for all the classes and the test they give out and pass most of them or all of them he wants a three point four gpa or higher at the end of the semester he plans on getting involved in the school activities and interact with new people at school and have some more friends at school.
The keys to his success would be studying taking the time out of his day to sit down and learn something new out of the book or on the internet this really helps him out to learn more and to expand his knowledge. Another key is to keep a schedule and manage your time like for example he will practice math and English on Monday and his computer class and history Tuesdays then do homework on Thursday and Friday this how he manages his time successful which helps him plan stuff well and have more time for fun stuff such as hanging out with his friends going out with his family.
Daniel also has problems with college though to suchs a percratination which really doesn’t hlp you out when your trying to turn in assignments in on time so it wont be late and get a lowere grade on his assignments and doing assignments late really streses him out to czause you have a such short amount of time for him to complete his assignment because he didn’t do it any sooner which doesn’t help Daniel at all but some how he always gets done no matter how many assignments he has he always gets it done.
Time management is also a problem if Daniel doesn’t measure his time calendar he won’t be able to complete certain task his professors give him that’s why to manage Daniel’s time he creates a chart to help him manage his class schedule work schedule and daily life schedule this could relief some pressure off daniels shoulders and help him focus on the task of that day and plan for the next class.
Daniels friends can be good or bad the good would have to be that there always there for Daniel no matter what happens or what is going on there