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Elisa Franco
Diagnostic Reading
RED 4341
Spring, 2009
Case Study Report
May 4, 2009

General Information

Your Name: Elisa Franco Student Name: KAC

School: Mesita Elementary School Grade: 5th Age: 10

Monolingual/Bilingual placement: Monolingual

Data Collected: Assessments and Clinical Information

Assessments administered and results:
1. San Diego Quick Assessment Graded Word List
a. Dates administered
i. Pre test: March 14, 2009 Post: April 8

b. Estimated level: 4th grade Post: 5th grade

2. Fluency Test
a. Dates administered: March 21, 2009
b. Rubric Scores: Score Point 3
c. Reading Passage: Narrative, “A Different Time”, and Passage from the form B from the “Reading Inventory”. Approximate for score point he is 5th grade level read.

3. Comprehension
a. Dates administered: March 28,2009 Form: A
b. Overall Performance Levels: 4th and 5th grade
c. Silent Reading: Too hard , 62%
d. Oral Reading: Too hard, 70%

4. Interest/Attitude Inventory
a. Date administered: March 14, 2009
b. Form used: Upper Level Form
c. General impressions and summary of data: KAC is a student of the Mesita elementary school, he is in 5th grade. I think that I choose a great student to test; at this level students are kind of mature and are easily to get the information. KAC cooperate very well with me. He enthusiastically answers me all the interest/attitude interview. Only the two lasts questions he did not answer them. I interviewed him in his home; however the environment was very pleasant and comfortable. He did not was distractive with the things around of us. He was concentrated and he never takes these tests as a game.

General Impressions

KAC lives with her parents; his family is conformed of four persons. He only has one brother so he has his own room, where sometimes he reads and study. KAC enjoys his life; he likes to play video games, to watch TV, and sometimes hi has bedtimes. The favorite class of KAC is mathematics. I enjoys when his mom reads to him every night, however he said that reading is not the best activity for him. He said that he was a not-so-good reader, because he rarely read books. He enjoys books that talks about animals, and he said that to become a better reader he has to read more.

Analysis of data

1. Sight Word Knowledge
a. KAC made 5 errors at the 5th grade level on The San Diego Quick Assessment test. The words he missed were: business, discussed behaved, acquainted, escaped. This indicates that his sight vocabulary knowledge is below his 5th grade level. So for this way the errors indicate that his functional reading level is the level 4th.

2. Fluency Test
a. KAC read a narrative passage at the 4th grade level. He obtained good scores in the fluency test. He got Score Point of 3. He read in three-or four- word phrase groups. However the majority of phrasing seemed appropriate and preserves the syntax of the author. Litter expressive interpretation was present.

3. Comprehension
a. KAC silently read a narrative passage at the 4th grade level. When I made the questions to KAC he had prompting answers and without any help from me in the questions about characters, setting, and problem resolution. He said to me that these things are the easiest to him to remember. He could not answer three questions, and only for 2 questions he needed my help or assistance.

b. The miscue analysis of oral reading by KAC reveals that he had more deficits in miss-pronoun and meaning disruption. He rarely omitted words, he spent a lot of time to say the right words, and not to omit or substitute them. He enjoys reading however he has a lot of difficult to recognize sight words and read fluently. KAC got frustrated when he cannot say a word correctly.

Instructional Plan

Tutoring dates: March 30, April 1, April 3, April 4, April 6, 2009