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Marketing plan
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• 1. Introduction
• 2. Theme and slogan
• 3. Objectives
• Event
• Marketing

• 4. Target markets
• 5. Promotional plan:

• Content: Innovative activities
• Channeling : Communication plan

• 6. Sponsors
• 7. Budget
• 8. ROO

Time & date: 4th- 7th September 2014
Location: Noosa Lions Park, Noosa Heads QLD
History:23 years
Current main audiences: 45+ local people

- Express the endless love with melodious music
- Fall in the innocent love with idyllic life
- Share the sincere love with beloved ones
It is the moment for everyone to be immersed in love simply, freely and completely.

Event objectives:
- Performance: Invite world-class jazz music performers; Equipped with professional facilities; Have well-trained tuners.
- Experience: provide high quality service by training staff; create relaxing and harmonious atmosphere; implement ideal capacity management; deliver packages related to hospitality
- Public relationship: cooperate with government and DMOs; form affiliation with local community, business and media; achieve fame and reputation

Marketing Objectives:
• Increase attendees’ number to 17500
• Increase total profit by 25%:
• Enhance event image and awareness domestically: to become Queensland’s iconic jazz music festival
• Attract at least 4 new business sponsors: to obtain 8500 cash and other in-kind investment , mainly including musical equipment and media channeling


Group name

Descriptions of features

Local people 45+

Empty nest
Wrapped in leisure lifestyle
Enthusiastic about jazz music

Young generation


Age 20-35
Single, married or young parents
Extensive social activities
Music lovers




Enjoy group activities with family members Seeking kid friendly environment
Motivated by climate difference
Regular visit on September
Pursuing relaxation from holiday
Mainly university students
Active interaction within other undergraduates Potential future attendees after experience Families

Seasonal tourists from Melbourne and
New Zealand

Jazz Talent Contest
• Participants: Jazz music amateurs
• Format: The initial auditions, the PK battle and the final concert
• Evaluation standards:
- Honored artists in the festival act as judges
- Photos and videos will be uploaded to Facebook homepage & awards for Favorite Singer selected by online voting

Jazz Talent Contest
• Stimulate interaction within event attendees
• Instill fresh energy to the event
• Enhance the awareness in young generation

Youth Jazz Workshop
• Participants: kids ,families and volunteers.
• Content: enlightening activities delivered by professors
- Objective:
• Form a united and kid-friendly atmosphere attracting families • Pass the enthusiasm of jazz form further customer loyalty and revisit
• Seek cooperation with local music schools and universities -- Communication plan

Sales promotion
Direct to target market

-- Communication plan

• Radio:
 ABC Jazz
 Zinc 96.1
• Newspaper & Magazines
 Sunshine coast daily (partner)
 Herald Sun (Victoria)
 Travel—New Zealand Herald

-- Communication plan

• Poster,Outdoor flyers
 Bars and Pubs
 City centers &
Visitor centers in Mel and NZ
• Brochure
 Local hotels

 Travel agencies

-- Communication plan


-- Communication plan

• Social network
 Share your moment of LOVE—before the festival Tag us with photos of your moment of love for the chance to win 3 free nights in RACV Noosa
 Share your moment of JAZZ—in the festival
Chance to win the VIP tickets for the next year

-- Communication plan

Sales promotion
Price discount:
Groupon Brisbane,