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Literature Review: Quality and Productivity Improvement Program,
What Determine The Product Quality At The Company Level?
One of the major determinants over the product quality is the introduction of a program on the quality and productivity improvement. This program aimed at providing training over the techniques on the quality teamwork on the entire employees of the company. The staffs got the encouragement on the application of the new discovered knowledge to solving challenges and problem in their working environment.1 Provision of quality training to the employees was one of the aims of the program which could have equipped the employees with techniques that could have enabled creation of teamwork to each and every party in the plant.
The management was in a position to note that the new training was engaging and had the mandate to apply and use the new philosophy on the quality management and improvement at a serious note. Another thing that determined the issue of the quality was the co-ordination between the several and operational units within the firm. This quality productivity program was a way of solving the conflicts and tackling the maintenance rule or other manufacturing conflict that could have occurred in the year ahead. This program was a process of solving the existing and the targeted conflict al long the business line which was the hindrances on the service delivery to their customers.
Decision and suitable agreement were reached between the counter parts and the willingness of the party to take a role in the improvement created a change. Similarly there was the issue on the experience of the senior management staff as most of them have worked in the organization for more than 12 years. They have been keen in the way to develop ideas and as well watching over the maintenance of the plant to avoid any shutdowns.
The effect of the introduction of this quality program on the product line was that it brought the two groups together that is the maintenance group and the manufacturing group. By these the conflict that used to exist in between the two teams was resolved and there was the responsiveness to the working. Acquisitions and misleads over the job working were stopped and hence the production of good was enhanced at a greater deal.
Accomplishment of the Team
Several things were accomplished within the group discussion; frustrations that existed in between the two groups or team were eradicated and there was an increased understanding of each group member over the reliance on each team. They made the attempt to reduce the downtime since it affected the production in the initial stages.
Additionally, they made an accomplishment that the people have to be educated on the trade-off issues on the fixation of a problem at present time and the fixation at future. As well there was the change that the supervisors and the foreman’s in the teams have to go through a quick cost benefits analysis and plan before they schedule their repairs. Another accomplishment of the team was that there was the effort to learn much on the account payable policies of the firm. The department on the account payable becomes much concerned with the large variations of the needed payee invoices. Finally, the team was able to make and adopt the cash improvements on forecasting techniques where they implemented the processes of cash managements and statistical quality controls.
A year later the company was in a position to adopt a mixed review due to the process of the QPI programs. The company won the award on the ford Q1 for the plasticizers and the process and progress to the other fronts. The firm was able to develop over a 70 quality teams which had an aim of working from the account payable issue all through the entire company challenges.
There was the formation of the hierarchy from the team that was concerned on the quality of the company product. They were to