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Case Study: A medical miracle poses ethical dilemma
Ibarra, 22, and Yovani Guido, 24 were informed that their baby was not getting enough oxygen while only 24 weeks pregnant. Ibarra was also told that if the baby was to stay inside the womb it would certainly die and the chances of survival for birth were low along with a lifetime of health complications. Baby Melinda Guido was born 4 months premature. Melinda was born by C-section and hooked to machines and tubes that kept her alive. Melinda's care will cost the state and the county as much as half a million dollars. Ibarra is a cashier at a restaurant, and Guido is a cook. They live in Granada Hills and were insured by Medi-Cal, the public insurance program for the poor. For now, Melinda risks infection and bleeding in the brain. In the long term, she could suffer cerebral palsy and cognitive and physical delays.

1. What is the dilemma? Who are the stakeholders? The dilemma is whether or not to keep Melinda on the machines knowing there is a chance that will not survive. The stakeholders are Melinda and the physician.

2. What ethical theory relates to the physician’s action when he decided to give the C-section knowing the risks of the baby being born? The deontological theory relates to the physician in this case. He was simply doing his duty to try and save the baby.

3. What might be a potential problem with the baby being hooked to machines and tubes to keep her alive?
A potential problem