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Case Study 2 Kelsey Purcell

Hotel The Peabody Orlando is a four-star hotel located within minutes of many major attractions, creating versatility among potential target markets. The location is prime and key. The Peabody Orlando is located within 15 minutes of all Disney and Universal studios major theme parks, directly across the street from Orange County Convention Center, within 2 miles of prestigious shopping centers and offers an amenity of multiple rounds of golf. Furthermore, the hotel is a simple 15 minute drive from Orlando International Airport
Target Market The target market is the 20-25 year old demographic, and I believe The Peabody Orlando has existing concrete features that can adhere to the wants and needs of stated demographic if marketing correctly. For example, the location is key! The target market involves people of similar age but with many different interests and hobbies. When a group of couples vacation in Orlando, The Orlando Peabody can maximize their experience with golf for the guys, shopping for the girls, theme parks when both are channeling their inner child and relaxing time by the pool in the warm climate to wind down from scheduled activities. The ease of accessibility and amount of options this hotel provides is crucial to a demographic who has the desire to accomplish everything they can all while maintaining a certain image and prestige.
Marketing Changes The Peabody Orlando name plays off its location and inspiration: the Peabody duck. This is a positive image for the brand, because it maintains the class and level of luxury a four-star hotel should have, but the website needs some basic changes. A simple color scheme can go a long way when creating an image and targeting a new demographic. I say simple because a new website color scheme can carry over to the colors associated with the hotel and used in the tangible features. The brown wood paneling should remain, but The Peabody Orlando needs a pop of two colors: bright green and pastel yellow (which would replace the cream accents on the web page.) These two classic, but effective colors, can be added in throw pillows and blankets and curtains in the hotel rooms. Frankly, the dull earth tones of their room do not embody the excitement and life the