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Case Study
Coral Nichols
Liberty University


Janet is a young mother whom has been through four divorces and has children. There is a report of struggles with abuse and addiction. The model that will be used for the counseling services is the “WIT” Women’s Integrated Model. This model of treatment focuses on all the area’s that need to be addressed not just the addiction aspect.

Case Study
Personal Information
Janet reports that she comes from a family were her mother and father were alcoholics which often lead to fighting. Janet reports that due to the drinking and constant fighting she was constantly afraid to reach out to her parents and communicate her needs. Janet was involved with the local church on Sunday’s, however Janet discloses when asked about her spiritual foundation that her family was not Christian but she believed in God. She reports that she is neutral on the topic of God due to some of the issues that have happened to her in life. Janet has also reported that she was sexually abused by an uncle on more than one occasion while the uncle resided in the family home while Janet was a teenager. During this time Janet reports that she stopped going to church on Sunday’s and stopped having any interactions with people of “faith”. Janet has reported that she started using drugs and drinking in her teen years. Janet also reports that she was unable to maintain any real relationships with any female friends and the male friends she had she often ended up in a sexual relationship with before the relationship was finished. Janet is a Caucasian woman in her early 30’s who has just gone through her fourth divorce. Janet has children that are from three previous divorces which keeps her attached to previous husbands. Janet has brought herself to counseling out of concern for herself and the ideal that her life is in chaos and out of control. Janet is unemployed and doesn’t express the desire to obtain employment. Janet has expressed dissatisfaction in her life and knows that many things needs to change.
Personal Biases and Limitations
There can be many personal biases and limitation within the concept of counseling a particular client. A personal bias for me would be that I know spiritually using drugs and drinking excessive alcohol is doing damage to the body psychically and spiritual. Based upon a religious understanding of the body being the temple of God. Another personal bias for me that could cause a barrier with the client is that I believe that marriage and is sacred, it is a covenant with God and should not be entered into lightly.
A limitation within myself could be that I was also molested as a young girl by a member of my immediate family. If this was an area that I had not received any help in then it is very possible that I could become to personally engaged in the Janet and not be able to help her due to my own needs.
When meeting with clients of potential issues it is in the best interest of the client to disclose my personal believes or values based on my faith and inform Janet that I would do my best to not allow my personal biases to interfere with her treatment but she was entitled to know my values so that she can make a decision for herself if she wanted to continue to see me as her counselor.
Janet reports that she doesn’t want to continue to drink and use drugs but she doesn’t have any other means of escape. The first main goal that would be set for Janet is that she needed to start attending either NA or AA meetings and find a sponsor of the same gender. The purpose of the meetings and sponsor is that it will help Janet meet up with people that have similar situations and gain a support system. Due to the issues of Janet’s previous history with multiple divorces it would be in Janet’s best interest to obtain a sponsor of the same gender to prevent her from engage into a intimate