Define OH & S And Discuss Why It Is Important In A Professional Workplace

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Safe work Australia(2012), “Key Work Health and Safety Statistics”. Retrieved on 13th May from

1: Conduct the necessary research to complete the following questions: * Define OH&S and discuss why it is important in a professional workplace
Occupation health and safety is a process that a company sets up for protecting the health and safety of the individuals who are engaged in the workplace. Its main objective is to promote a safe and healthy work environment.
Occupation health and safety is important for moral, legal and economic reasons. All company is responsible to maintain the safe environment at all times to the people who are engaged in a company. The moral reason is to protect the employee’s lives and health. The legal reason is for the preventative, punitive and compensatory effects of law that protect employee’s health and safety. OH&S reduces the cost of employee’s illness and injury. (The Physec Group, 2013). Therefore, the improved OH&S lead to improved productivity and better working environment in the company. * List and describe at least 3 pieces of Australian legislation that relate to Occupational Health & Safety.
Safe Work Australia Act 2008
This act makes the policy to improve work health and safety and worker’s compensation arrangement across Australia.

Safety, Rehabilitation and Compensation Commission Act 1988
This act helps in improving in WHS, rehabilitation and workers compensation by: a. Setting targets to improve standards of health and safety in workplace. b. Monitoring performance of WHS, rehabilitation and workers compensation. c. Advising to ministry issues to improve WHS, rehabilitation and workers compensation.
Seafarers Safety, Rehabilitation and Compensation Authority Act 1992
This act helps in minimizing the human and financial costs of workplace injury in Australian maritime industry. * Describe the responsibilities of employers in your states health and safety legislation.
The responsibilities of employers are as follows: * Provide a safe and healthy work environment in the workplace. * Providing information, instruction, training and supervision necessary to ensure the health and safety of employees. * Providing adequate facilities for the welfare of the employees.

* Describe the responsibilities of employees in your states health and safety legislation.
The responsibilities of employees are as follows: * Personal responsibility to work and health safety. * Co-operate with the employer about the health and safety issues. * Not to misuse things provided for the health and safety. * Name and describe 3 different types of emergency incidents you may have to respond to at work, within your career field. * Workplace Accident: Workplace accident is an accident which may occurs during the work. It may be serious injury because of the wet floor. In this case I would place the wet floor caution notice board and then inform to particular department. If needed I would call the ambulance. * Dangerous occurrences: Explosion or fire in a workplace is a dangerous incidence. In this situation, I would be calm and call to fire and rescue department and inform them the condition and place where the incident was happen. Further, I would help other people to leave the building immediately by the closest escape route and assemble at the