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Team 9 Members: Jordan Embers, Taylor Godberson, Michael Dieker, Michael Ebbs
MGMKT 650-01
Dr. Sang Lee
Quality Management Consulting Project:
Brandy’s Tiny Tots
Our group will be consulting a small Daycare Provider. The Name of our client is Brandy Ebbs. Mrs. Ebbs is an in home daycare provider for preschool aged children. She has been in providing this service for one year. She is a licensed CNA and is CPR certified. She started out watching children for some friends and now is applying for her state licensing with her new business name “Brandy’s Tiny Tots”. She is currently approved to supervise children through the State of Kansas Children Services. Brandy currently takes care of 5 children ages 2 to 5. She has noticed some issues she would like to improve on for the kids. We will be analyzing her service quality issues for exercise that is safe, fun, state approved that can be performed by preschool children.

Situation: Mrs. Ebbs, as well as the parents of the children she provides daycare for, would like to see their children engage in good and quality physical activity during their time in her care. The problem is finding fun and safe activities that very young children can do together. There are many things to take into consideration; the activities have to be safe so none of the young children can get hurt. The activities have to also be tailored to very young kids. Lastly, the activities have to be within the state guidelines of what is approved for children in that age group.

Steps Involved:
1. We will discuss with Mrs. Ebbs and see what activities she and the parents of the children want to see their children engaging in.
2. Our group will draw a flow chart of the children’s dally structure as well as the duration of time allowed for each activity.
3. We will also observe the children interacting and playing games with each other.
4. We will take record data as to the abilities of each child, as well as costs of new equipment need for new program.
5. We will also analyze data and note what times of day the children are most active in order to find the most beneficial time for activities to take place.
6. We will research the State of Kansas Requirements for preschool day care providers and what activities are approved/ disapproved by their regulations.
7. We will put together a high quality daily activity schedule, including the times we think will be ideal for children and why.
8. We will then give the proposal to the Brandy’s Tiny Tots owner, Mrs. Ebbs, get feedback from her, and make any needed changes.

Implementing quality physical activities will increase health benefits for the children.
Will help with the over active children in her daycare by giving them a better outlet for their energy.
Daily physical activities will encourage development of motor skills.
Gives the children an opportunity to partake in social interaction and