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Intro to Management
Case Study

1.) Define the Problem
In this particular case study the problem is that Barbara would like to take a week off from her work in January. Barbara is a payroll clerk and January is a very busy month for payroll clerks with getting individual payroll records finished, and employee W-2 forms completed and sent out for over 2,000 people in the company. Jerry, her boss, has to give her the ok to have the vacation, but Jerry does not wish to give her the vacation for the fact that January is their busiest month and he highly depends on her. Also Jerry has already denied two other special request vacations for January, and upon hiring Barbara he did not explain that she is to avoid January vacations. 2.) List possible alternatives for solving the problem a. Not allowing her to have a full week of vacation, but a couple of days like giving her Friday and Monday off of the week that way she will have four days off with the weekend b. Compromise and give each employee a different week so they all are not out the same time in January, but they all still get time off 3.) What situational factors should Jerry consider in making the decision? Why?
The top situational factor that I think Jerry should take into consideration in making this decision is what will happen to him if the reports do not get done. He should consider this because he could potentially lose his job if the work is not completed because payroll is a serious…