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Case Study #7 The Forgotten Team Member
Chandra LaPrise MGMT 591-68584 Leadership & Org. Behavior
Kimberly Bennett
March 24, 2013

In this class our textbook shows the different stages that a group may develop at, the stages are: Adjourning, Forming, Storming, Norming, and Performing. These stages all play a different role in how a group develops during a project. The Adjourning stage is when a group disbands or celebrates certain accomplishments. The Forming stage is when the members of the team will get to know each other. The Storming stage is when the group will need to deal with giving out tasks and handle any tension that may come up between team members. The Performing stage is when the team’s performance and the relationships among members will start to mature as the project goes along. The Norming stage will allow the team members to be able to build relationships with other members and also help them be able to work together as a team.
In case number 7 the team seems to be having trouble with one of the team members which is putting the team in between stages of Storming and Forming. The member that has been causing the issues with the team is Mike. The team member Mike has shown the other team members that he is a clown and that he is unreliable. When it comes to the team reaching the Forming stage Mike has shown that all he is interested in is joking around about meeting before class and he is always late to class. Mike also has a lot of excuses of why he can’t help out other members or why he hasn’t finished his portions. Then when it comes time that he shows up for something and the team is already meeting he gets offended because he was not included.
With this case study the main issue with team is that there is no good communication between team members. The team leader Christine is a little bit afraid and frustrated with the fact that team member Mike is always slacking on his part of the project. The problem that Christine has is that she has not shared her views with the other team members. Christina is doing the wrong thing by doing Mike’s work and adding it to the rest of the teams stuff. Christina will need to sit down and have a talk with Mike about his behavior and his lack of cooperation with his portion of the project. Also Christina should also have a sit down with the rest of the team members and let them know what is going on so that they are aware and not blindsided by the problem.
When it comes to being a team leader this person needs to make sure that try not to take on to much. When it comes to dealing with the issues that the team has the team will need to get