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Case Study: FirstGroup * Strategic intent: to provide transportation services to anyone whether it is through school buses, rail or greyhound. * Target Customers: Although Firstgroup is a global business, their main target is the local people. They target to the locals because they can be more responsive to the needs of their consumers in a timely matter. * General Features: They provide yellow school busses to students, Greyhound busses that travel through states and local busses/rail for the everyday commuter. * London’s Air Ambulance: Firstgroup will provide 100k worth of support over four years. Put in service of 23 brand new hybrid busses. Provided an aircraft for quicker transportation. * Political * In 1980, the government started to privatize bus services in the UK because it believed that private businesses would compete to run bus services and that would keep the prices low. * FIrstgroup operates at a local level providing services to local schools and bus routes that cater to the elderly people. * A governmental policy relating to the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions affected all transportation services. Firstgroup plans to reduce its CO2 emissions by 25% for its bus division and 20% for rail. Their goal is to improve the fuel efficiency of its vehicles, purchase vehicles with greater fuel efficiency, use alternative fuels, and operational improvements through driver training. * Economical * Listening and responding to consumer demands * Market research showed that parents and students wanted safer bus so Firstgroup designed special pilot services with students on their minds. * Taxation: high tax on fuel encourages customers to switch from using cars to more economical bus and rail transport. * Social-cultural * The number of older people in the UK is rising and more people have bus passes which allows them to travel for free. * People like goods and services that are environmentally friendly. The green consumer would prefer to travel by bus or train rather than have a personal vehicle. * Technological * Firstgroup introduced ‘Future’, a state-of-the-art articulated vehicle that look like trams but have the flexibility of a bus and use normal