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Good Afternoon Everyone,

For my presentation I have chosen to talk about the linkage between globalization and child labor. Before I begin I feel it is necessary that we first these two key terms. Childhood is a phase in life where the child experiences joy, love, memories to cherish, to live without fear, to feel safe from being harmed or abused. Whilst on the other hand child labour can be defined as an activity where a child’s physical and mental development is compromised by forcing them to leave school and take part in working.

Whilst globalization can be defined as “worldwide integration in virtually every sphere achieved principally through markets, a process whereby the world become interconnected”. In simpler words it is a process consisting of integration, interaction and involvement of companies, government and people of different nations taking part in international trading & investment through the support of technology. It is also a process that makes a certain degree of impact on culture, environment, political system and economic development of countries around the globe.

Many argue that globalization has a negative impact on the exploitation of child labour and it is one of the driving forces. As mentioned earlier that employers are mobile whilst the labours are not, employers can easily seek out employees at a cheaper price in a different country. For instance the foxconn case study, Foxconn is a Taiwanese company and is the major supplier for Apple. Investigation have